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Overcoming Chronic Pain Through Yoga: The Therapeutic Art of Mindful Movement

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Ready to take control of your health and your life?

For those of us who suffer from an “invisible illness,” we spend all our time trying to function normally in society. We read all of these books out there that claim that we can heal ourselves, but no matter how hard we try, we are still in pain.

It doesn't seem like anything is working for us, and we can't figure out why.

Maybe we feel guilty, inadequate, or useless because we are in pain.

We feel weak and hopeless if we have to take painkillers for it.

We feel like a burden on our friends and family.

All because we are dealing with pain in our lives that we don't feel like anyone else understands.

All we can think about is just how much pain we're in, and if it's EVER going to stop.

Well, the GOOD news is…

The processes Qat shares in this book are tailored to fit your individual needs. All it takes is motivation to make the necessary changes which are unique to you and your body.

Our bodies really can heal.

You CAN get past this!

This book isn't just about doing Yoga postures to make your backache go away.

It will help you reassess your life and your body, as well as your mental and spiritual state, to help you truly overcome chronic pain once and for all.

If we really want to get better, we have to heal from the inside out. Many of these natural healing methods we read about haven't worked for us yet because our bodies are too toxic to handle them. Anyone suffering from chronic pain has a lot going on internally that needs to be addressed before healing can take place.

This book will show you how to shift your mental state to allow yourself to heal.

Then it goes into the internal cleansing process which is absolutely crucial to train the body to accept natural healing methods.

From there, you will learn to maintain this state of balance and internal homeostasis to overcome chronic pain on all levels.

You will learn the reconditioning techniques that reprogram the body, mind, and spirit by giving you the tools you need to:

  • Practice the Mindful Movement Techniques™ which trigger the body's pain responses in a way that can help overcome chronic pain quickly and effectively.

  • Learn the key lifestyle adjustments you have likely not even thought of, that have proven effective for literally everyone who tried them.

  • See immediate results in how you begin to look at your situation and your ability to handle pain with an even mind.

  • Level up from the physical aspects of chronic pain and stop allowing it to affect your everyday life negatively.

So, are you ready and motivated to overcome chronic pain on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level?

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