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Searching for Venus: A Vagabond Lesbian Memoir

An Esoteric Adventure of Romance, Travel, & Subculture

Searching For Venus is a powerful and inspirational story about one woman's quest to find fulfillment in the face of adversity. After growing up with traditional Jewish influence, Qat falls head over heels when she meets an African-American gypsy girl who changes her life forever. Travel and wanderlust become their new teachers by showing them both so much about themselves along their journey that will transform the way they see the world.

With unforgettable real-life characters across different cultures throughout the US, Europe, and India; this eloquent exploration deals candidly yet humorously with religious bigotry, racism, grief and loss, and the importance of overcoming obstacles to make us stronger.

This story has been described as "a call to the courageous and the wanderer in all of us" and "a love letter to Life" that encourages people to trust their abundance.

With Searching For Venus: A Vagabond Lesbian Memoir, author Qatarina Wanders has crafted an inspiring tale of self-discovery, based on true events, that will resonate with anyone who has ever dared to dream big.


Qatarina Wanders unabashedly traces her journey through the lens of a young woman searching for meaning within disruption. Aside from detailing her own life adventures, she specializes in helping people break free from fear and judgment with her books, podcast, and brand “Living an Unedited Life.”

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