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Searching for Venus: A Vagabond Lesbian Memoir

An Esoteric Adventure of Romance, Travel, & Subculture

The search for the Divine Feminine begins within. 

Ruth has spent her entire life surrounded by conservative religious views, but when she falls in love with her African American female classmate, she is faced with extreme guilt surrounding her feelings. 

She quickly discovers that embracing her sexuality is much more complicated than she could have imagined. 

Her unusual journey continues when Ruth leaves her childhood home to embark on a nomadic adventure of wanderlust, gypsy culture, and spiritual disruption. This includes train-hopping and nude modeling through the US and Europe, belly-dancing in India, joining a burlesque troupe in Paris, and even traveling with elephants in a circus. 

In her quest, she meets Bianca, and their deep soul-connection blossoms as the two women dance their way around the world together.